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Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri
Kaupapa Māori Social Services
Supporting whānau to nurture tamariki
during the early years, so that their potential and capabilities are realised. 
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What We Do

Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri (Te Whare) is a kaupapa Māori social services provider.

Located in Manukau and Kaitaia, we provide services to whānau on behalf of Te Hāhi Mihinare – The Māori Anglican Church.

Tamariki are our central focus. Generations and whakapapa links are retained and maintained through tamariki. Their contributions to the past, present and future ensure the preservation of whānau and hāpori. Tamariki are gifts from the atua.


Tamariki Māori are ātaahua!


We support whānau to nurture tamariki during the early years, so their potential and capabilities are realised. 


Te Kawa o te Marae

Our programmes are underpinned by Te Kawa o te Marae,  a holistic wellbeing framework

The whare, becomes a metaphor for understanding the dynamics within whānau. This philosophical and practical model helps whānau understand the origins of violence in themselves and others. The framework liberates wāhine and tāne from unhealthy habitual behaviours. Partnering and parenting are joyful and harmonious!

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Our Goals
Whānau Whakamana
Empowered families

Whānau Māori are confident in their identity and whakapapa. Wāhine Māori shine! Whānau have a range of kaupapa Māori skills to support their wellbeing. Whānau put the needs of tamariki first.

Tamariki Harikoa
Joyful children

Tamariki Māori flourish in whānau and bring joy to hapori whānui. They exceed our expectations at home, at school and in the social world.

Knowledgeable Sector

The social services sector is committed to kaupapa Māori. The sector understands the needs of whānau Māori and applies Māori practice models.

We deliver a broad range of services to achieve these outcomes.

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